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Physicians have long recognized petrolatum as one of the most effective moisturizers and protective skin barriers available. The problem with petrolatum has always been its greasy, occlusive nature which makes it cosmetically undesirable (greasy, tacky, sits on top of skin without penetrating) as a treatment for patients with dry skin conditions.

In 1990, a Swiss research scientist, Dr. H.R. Suess, developed and patented a process which eliminated over 80% of the greasy oils found in petrolatum. This resulted in an enriched special petrolatum fraction (ESPF) which retained all of the superior moisturization and protective properties of petrolatum without the greasiness and tackiness.

Dr. Suess joined with noted U.S. research scientist, Dr. Eugene Gans, to combine his ESPF with a novel hydrosilicone delivery system to create the Theraplex line of moisturizers. These moisturizers, with their hydrosilicone delivery system and ESPF, have the unique ability to penetrate deep into the cracks and fissures of the skin to provide moisture where it’s needed most and to create a protective barrier to seal the skin and help prevent future moisture loss.

The Theraplex brand has expanded to include five unique formulations each designed to meet different skin care needs. Each of the products contains the ESPF and hydrosilicone delivery system. Dermatologists have been using and recommending Theraplex products to their patients for over 20 years.

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